Value-added Services & Support

One of the most important benefits of working with ABCO Automation is the variety of value-added services that we provide to our clients, including technical support and field services for our in-house designs, as well as for 3rd-party systems and machines.

We understand the importance of uptime and keeping your systems running at optimum output. Not only do we provide technical support and field services, our clients are also provided with a complete documentation package with every system or machine that ABCO designs and builds.

For an extra fee, we will provide part level drawings for critical spares. Our 50,000 square foot metal fabrication and machining facility is positioned solely for the purpose of new in-house builds and spares for our existing client’s systems.

Services available with every project


Our teams are available to all of our clients. Service teams include mechanical technicians, electricians, controls engineers, mechanical engineers, mechanical designers, and project managers.

On-site Installation

We provide on-site installation of the systems we build. A team comprised of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, mechanics, electricians, and your project manager will assist/support the system assembly, startup, and training.

Remote Support

Many technical issues can be handled remotely, whether via phone or remotely accessing a client’s VPN network when applicable. Remote support can you save thousands of dollars.

System Training

We support each automation system during the installation and start-up phase at your facility. We provide thorough documentation and training to maintain your automation system. We will continue to provide support as needed for the life of the system to maintain high operating efficiencies.

Spare Parts

Most of our metal fabrication and machining work is handled in-house, enabling exceptional quality control and fast turn-around of materials and components. Spare parts requisition is a service available to all of ABCO’s client’s machines.


Complete documentation packages are provided with every system that ABCO designs and builds. This package includes operators manuals, maintenance manuals, complete bill of materials, assembly drawings, and source code. For an extra fee, we will provide part level drawings for critical spares.

Project Management

Our project managers, all of whom are degreed engineers, are a team comprised of PMP-certified project leaders. They manage all phases of their projects, including concept, design, schedule, assembly, and successful installation through start-up.

Risk Assessment

Defining risk is an important element of mechanical design. We will perform a complete risk assessment to help you mitigate potential risk. A properly performed risk assessment will help prevent operator injury, machine downtime, and uncover unforeseen constraints that may adversely affect your manufacturing process.


As part of the concepting and designing process, we will provide you with a digital 3D model of the system to help you visualize the design, the layout configuration, and assess the functionality as affected by various factors.

Laser Safety

With two full-time Laser Safety Officers on staff, we will guide you through all the steps necessary to build a Class 1 Laser System.

Cost Evaluation & Pre-planning

Our lineup of experienced estimators, mechanical engineers, and designers are available to evaluate your project and make recommendations to improve functionality and lower the cost of the build.

PLC, Robot & Vision Programming

Our electrical engineers provide programming for a variety of disciplines. PLC programming, robotic systems, HMI applications, motion control, and vision to name a few.

Due to our heavy emphasis placed on supporting our clients and their systems, our engineering management and staff will quickly assess a customer’s need, and assign the available resources at that time. We believe that helping you to be successful is a win for everyone involved.





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