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General Industry

ABCO is an industry leader in automation. We help our customers address labor shortages, increase worker safety, increase productivity, lower costs and improve quality.  

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Automated Solutions to Improve Bottom Line

ABCO automates existing machinery or designs and build new machines to automate processes.  Whether its a machine or robot cell, ABCO can create an automation solution for your business

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Eliminate labor issues

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Increase yield and quality

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Reduce costs

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Increase Revenue and Profit


24 Hour Support

ABCO provides solutions and service to help you improve your bottom line.  With the GoABCO service App, you will have 24/7 access to support for any product you purchase from ABCO.  We are here as your partner before, during and long after the initial sale is complete. 

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Industrial Robots & Cobots

As an authorized Integrator for several of the largest Robot manufacturers, ABCO offers many benefits to customers who have a preferred brand or are open to the best product that meets their specific needs.  With decades of experience in the ABCO has standard robotic system cells and custom designs for our logistics customers.  ABCO can provide comprehensive, innovative, cost-effective solutions for you..


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Palletizing and Depalletizing 

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Case Packing

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Banding and Labeling

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Case Erectors

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Mobile Robots 

Using autonomous mobile robots in warehouse and manufacturing operations has proven to benefit numerous industries. These same industries have also benefited from using automated guided vehicle systems instead of human-operated forklifts, conveyor systems, or manual carts to move large volumes of material. To learn more about utilizing autonomous mobile robots or automated guided vehicles in your unique application, contact ABCO now.


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Storage Operations

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Material Handling

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Production Flows

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Logistics Trains

Experience with Multiple Brands

ABCO has many years of experience in developing and implementing robotic systems. We can provide any form of robotics ranging from application evaluations and turnkey solutions to systems that specialize in flexible robotic work cells for accommodating short product life cycles and quick changeovers.   



Benefits of Robot Automation

Factory automation fueled by robots provides many benefits to manufacturing companies, including higher productivity, lower costs, increased worker safety, and improved quality.

Lower Costs

With robotic systems, manufacturers can experience faster manufacturing times and increased efficiencies, which translates into producing more product in a timely manner. Over time those improved efficiencies lead to cost savings due to reduced waste, lower operational expenses, and decreased hands-on labor. 

Employee Safety

Employees reap the bulk of the automation rewards. Robots can work in challenging environment, including hot, very cold, and very hazardous areas, so workers are to be exposed to any of those conditions. In addition, employees can be moved from performing tedious labor-intensive tasks to assignments that offer more engaging responsibilities. 

Improved Quality

Additionally, manufacturers can see improved quality due to consistent product fabrication and quality control systems that use vision systems to continually check for defects.

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