ABCO Automation’s Build to Print manufacturing facility is categorically beneficial to our clients’ advanced automation, machine building requirements. Our teams have an abundance of knowledge and experience, providing a superior end product no matter the challenge presented. ABCO is dedicated to providing our clients with superior quality, exceptional client service and communication, and well-developed processes, all combined to deliver best-in-class Build to Print manufacturing.

Our teams have long been known for excelling with complex Build to Print manufacturing projects. When other manufacturers in our industry shy away from the complexities that often occur with automation systems, ABCO gladly accepts the challenges and works tirelessly to build your machine the way it’s been designed to function. Due to our vast array of in-house capabilities, our experienced team can work through any challenges thrown its way. We offer a standard 12-month warranty on all of the products we build, so our clients can rest assured that they’ve chosen the right partner for their complex Build to Print machine build.

At ABCO, we focus on three main points of difference that set our Build to Print manufacturing facility apart from our competitors: short lead times, the quality of our product, and our dedication to superior client service.





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Consumer Products
Food & Beverage
Medical Devices


Case Packers
Case Erectors

Best-in-class Quality 

The Build to Print manufacturing team at ABCO holds itself to the highest levels of quality machine building. Our processes ensure attention to detail, efficient management, and experienced mechanical and electrical engineers, project managers, and purchasing and technical team members. We use little to no contract labor, ensuring that the individuals working on your build are experienced with ABCO’s processes and understand our commitment to high-quality standards. We offer stainless steel at the same cost as extruded aluminum and always source superior materials. We also offer a standard 12-month warranty on all of the products we build. Our in-house capabilities include engineering, machining and metal fabrication, validation testing, and a quality lab, all providing superior quality Build to Print manufacturing.

Exceptional Lead Times

We fully understand and appreciate our clients’ needs to meet established timelines with their Build to Print manufacturing projects. While we will never sacrifice the quality of the build, we do follow a critical path procedure to ensure a smooth Build to Print process, developed specifically to adhere to efficiency and to a schedule that is set and agreed upon by both ABCO and our client at the kick-off phase of the project. Additionally, ABCO is centrally located on the east coast in the Greensboro, NC area, providing less expensive and shorter shipping times to our eastern US client-base.

Top-notch Client Services & Project Management

ABCO Automation is dedicated to offering high-caliber client services and offers experienced project management with each build. Our project management team is led by a certified PMI Project Management Professional, who applies consistent standard processes based on PMI best practices. The project manager assigned to you will begin by analyzing the project details with the clarification and alignment of your business and project key objectives and deliverables, working closely with your plant and company stakeholders, then lead the project feasibility, construction, and startup phase through completion. We provide an open line of communication between our clients and the ABCO team members who are assigned to your project. We put our clients’ needs and concerns first and will listen and respond timely and effectively.

In-house Fabrication & Machining

ABCO boasts 50,000 square feet of in-house Metal Fabrication and Machining capabilities providing custom quality-controlled components and assemblies to support the complex requirements of your build. We have extensive machining processes in-house, including CAD/CAM machinery to provide superior quality CNC milling, drilling, turning, and grinding operations for all types of metal and plastic materials. We have the ability to meet essentially every required metal fabrication process, from bending and press brake, to high-definition laser and water-jet cutting and shearing. Our in-house capabilities speak to our full-service commitment to our clients and ensure exceptional quality control of the various components that we manufacture. For a full list of our equipment and capabilities, see our Metal Fabrication & Machining equipment list.

Validation Testing

One of the benefits of working with ABCO is the in-house capabilities that we offer, including factory acceptance testing. All of the systems that we manufacture go through a rigorous testing phase per your specifications, ensuring that all of the components work together. All programs are thoroughly optimized for proper performance and cycle times. Dry-testing and debugging are part of ABCO’s standard procedures prior to delivery and installation.

On-site Client Center

Our Build to Print manufacturing facility includes a Client Center dedicated to providing our visiting clients a place to plug in a laptop and access our guest wireless connection, charge a cell phone, make phone calls, or just have a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible while you spend your time in our facility. For a list of amenities in the Greensboro/Triad area, please as your project manager.


ABCO Automation holds our clients’ designs and machine builds in the strictest of confidence and takes corporate espionage very seriously. All ABCO staff undergoes a thorough background check during the hiring process and signs a confidentiality agreement. We understand the costs involved in research and development and do everything possible to safeguard our clients’ proprietary information. In the rare instance that we hire contract labor, these individuals are subject to the same background checks and confidentiality agreements as permanent employees.





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