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Bag In Box Filling for Oil

ABCO is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Bag-in-Box Fillers (BIB), including high-speed, semi-automatic, rotary, or custom machines

Published on

Jan 03, 2024

Written by

Scott Silknitter

As the price of oil per barrel continues to rise, every single drop becomes invaluable. ABCO Automation's bag-in-box filling machines are equipped with precision measurement and no drip valves, setting them apart as the preferred choice for several major petroleum companies. Renowned for their reliability, these machines are particularly sought after for petroleum products like motor oil.

With a wide range of standard features, our systems include automated bag loaders and unloaders, fully programmable fill levels and rates, "no-drip" valves, bag and cap sensors, automatic cap removal, and a servo-driven positive displacement pump. They can fill up to 60 bags per minute, with a fill accuracy of +/- 0.3% and T316 stainless steel product surfaces.

Additionally, our machines have quick change tooling, a clean-in-place design, and a box loader. From single-head to four-head fillers, all our machines are manufactured with top-quality continuous welds, stainless steel surfaces, interlocked safety guards, bag loading systems, and rack-mounted solenoid valves.

Utilizing our bag-in-box fillers, manufacturers have the opportunity to provide flexible packaging solutions that not only enhance worker safety but also optimize product utilization, minimize environmental impact, decrease storage expenses, and deliver a hassle-free dispensing process, completely free from spillage hazards. With the implementation of our bag-in-box fillers, manufacturers can extend the following benefits through their flexible packaging options:

1. Enhanced worker safety: Our self-contained product packaging ensures safer handling for workers.

2. Maximization of product consumption: Say goodbye to wasted motor oil as our fillers leave no drop unused.

3. Minimized impact on landfills: By utilizing less packaging, our fillers contribute to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.

4. Decreased storage costs: Enjoy the advantages of distribution-friendly packaging, resulting in reduced storage expenses.

5. Simplified dispensing process: With our fillers, manufacturers can provide a seamless dispensing experience without any risks of spillage.

Choose ABCO's bag-in-box fillers to revolutionize your packaging approach and unlock a world of benefits for both your business and the environment.

About ABCO Automation:  For over 45 years, ABCO Automation has served our customers needs for automation, integrated robotic systems, machine builds, contract manufacturing, turnkey installations, maintenance, repair, upgrades, fabrication, custom controls, Ai, mechanical and electrical system designs, material handling systems and other services. An employee-owned company, we offer Robot Automation, Design Build, Build to Print and Contract Manufacturing for more information about robot automation, click here

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ABCO is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Bag-in-Box Fillers (BIB), including high-speed, semi-automatic, rotary, or cust...