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Onshoring with ABCO

ABCO's Contract Mfg. works with customers large and small who need to expand USA Mfg., increase profit and reduce foreign sourced supply chain issues.

UL Control Panels from ABCO

Onshoring with ABCO Automation

Onshoring, a strategic approach to sourcing manufacturing, production, and services, aims to reduce costs and risks while improving delivery and response times. With a sprawling 220,000 sq ft facility equipped with manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, powder coating, UL panel building shop, and after-sale service capabilities, ABCO Automation has emerged as a trusted onshoring partner for numerous European and Asian companies seeking to expand their revenue and market share in North America.

Benefits of choosing ABCO for onshoring:

Location: Opting for onshoring with ABCO offers the advantage of close proximity to your USA offices looking to establish manufacturing here, facilitating better communication, control, and coordination. Whether it is machine building, design build of next gen systems, assembly of older designs or manufacturing of parts, this proximity allows for more direct oversight and quality control.

Engineering and Design: Onshoring with ABCO grants you access to their accomplished engineering team, which can assist with product and manufacturing enhancements based on the specific needs and preferences of your customers in the USA.

Labor Costs: While labor costs in the home country may be higher compared to certain offshore or nearshore locations, onshoring focuses on other critical factors such as quality, intellectual property protection, and speed.

Supply Chain Stability: By onshoring with ABCO, you can enhance supply chain stability by reducing exposure to geopolitical risks, trade disputes, and disruptions in international logistics.

Regulatory Compliance: Onshoring with ABCO streamlines navigation and compliance with domestic regulations, quality standards, and labor laws, thus minimizing compliance-related risks.

Skilled Labor: Onshoring with ABCO provides access to a highly skilled and educated workforce, along with factory automation opportunities tailored to your specific requirements, particularly in industries that demand specialized skills or knowledge.

Brand Image: By onshoring with ABCO, you have the opportunity to label your products as "Made in USA," creating a positive impact on your brand image in this market, while emphasizing local production and supporting domestic jobs.

Ultimately, the decision to onshore depends on your unique priorities, including cost considerations, supply chain resilience, regulatory requirements, and the importance of geographic proximity. Some companies opt for a hybrid approach, leveraging ABCO's expertise in onshoring, nearshoring, and offshore outsourcing to optimize their production and service delivery strategies. For more information on getting the contract manufacturing help you need, contact us

About ABCO:  For over 45 years, ABCO Automation has served our customers needs for automation, integrated robotic systems, machine builds, contract manufacturing, turnkey installations, maintenance, repair, upgrades, fabrication, custom controls, Ai, mechanical and electrical system designs, material handling systems and other services. An employee-owned company, we offer Robot Automation, Design Build, Build to Print and Contract Manufacturing for more information about robot automation, click here

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